Artist: Adrienne Sandusky

About the artist: Born in Murphysboro, Illinois, human interaction and how individuals approach personal situations have always fascinated Adrienne. She graduated from the University of Missouri - St. Louis with a BFA in Printmaking.

Artist's statement: Printmaking was not my first choice as a major but I came to realize it was the only choice. This particular medium parallels within my day to day life and allows me to uncover new things about myself every day. Limitless in combined possibilities, it tests my patience and thought process while feeding into my over analytical side of the brain.

Perception of life and how situations are viewed and interpreted based on our own experiences, inspires my work. In scientific theory, determinations can be made with confidence when a suggestion of how our next step should be taken and an understanding of the present are combined with learned skill sets and field testing. Printmaking utilizes those skill sets and once they are mastered, an image can be uncovered to display and communicate a visual language.

Each individual has a unique viewpoint, whether it's an assessment of a work of art, interpretation of a conversation or analysis of a lover's actions. There are different stories attached to what we feel but the end result is always the correct answer. Understanding of these stories is based on past experiences and a foundation built on a belief that is sturdy, with confidence. I feel everyone struggles with an inner battle to remember each person has a different view with an opposing angle but the end result may be the same. Clear communication is key in allowing the point to be heard, without inner judgement.

The same between the interaction of viewer and work is represented indirectly within my bodies of work. It is my intention to displace the traditional concept of how printmaking is viewed by questioning the historical formats and experimenting with what it means to be an object in space. My work is a study of different viewpoints and the adjustment that takes place to have an accurate interpretation. These actions are depicted as repetitive marks which create motion throughout the piece.

Every individual is a part of an identifiable relativity, meandering within the limits our minds can comprehend and not exceeding past the comfort we rely on. Through explorations in the field of printmaking, I am challenging the view to adjust their perspective for open interpretation of the subject matter. It is my desire to provoke the viewer to question the perspective that resonates within their soul and reflect on why it is different from the person within the space beside them. These differences represent independent thought and are not reconcilable. Individual interpretation begins with the art object and ends with the viewer's interpretation. The journey between can exceed outside the limitations and expectations of our trained mindset. (Artist's website)

Downward Spiral
18" x 72"
Image on film and silkscreen printed on found fabric

Bird Brains
18" x 21" (fabric itself) stretched over wire
Silkscreen, woodblock and waterless lithography printed on found fabric

Angst Of 30 Something
38" x 52"
Single layer of fabric printed with woodblock and waterless lithography on found fabric

Present Tense
20.5" x 20.5" (framed)
Collagraph layered with ink and colored pencil

21.25" x 21.25" (framed)
Collagraph, waterless lithography and silkscreen

Birds Eye View
20.5" x 20.5" (framed)
Collagraph layered with ink, pastels and colored pencil

Watered Down
16.5" x 20.5" (framed w/ conservation glass)
Photo lithography

Angled Perspective
Mono-print and linoleum block

River Journey
20.5" x 9.75" (framed)
Image on film