Artist: Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts is an emerging artist from Farmington, Missouri. Rebecca attended the Art Institute of Chicago an graduated with a degree in Fine arts, areas of specialization include Photography and Art History. Rebecca also attended the Savannah College of Art and Design.

At age 32 she is a dedicated artist and mother. These past few years have been spent working in the family business as a florist and caring for her son. It is in the late hours of the evening, after her day of work is done and duties as a single parent fulfilled, that Rebecca is able to find time for her passion. She often draws until the early morning hours. (Artist's website)

Shipwrecked (3-part)
Pastels, watercolor, gouache, Strathmore acid free paper

Pastels, Rit dye, gouache, watercolor, watercolor ink, India ink, gold pigments, glitter, Strathmore acid free paper

Go Away
Pastels, gouache, watercolor, Strathmore acid free paper

Pastels, watercolor, Strathmore acid free paper

Absolute Natalia
Charcoal, conte crayon, watercolor, pastels, watercolor ink, gold pigments, acid free rice paper

Day of the Dead
Pastels, watercolor, Strathmore acid free paper

Josh and the Sea of Dreams
Pastels, gouache, gold pigments, glitter, Organza made in India with gold embellishment, May Arts ribbon and thread, Strathmore acid free paper

The Snake
Pastels, gouache, India ink, watercolor, thread, watercolor ink, Strathmore acid free paper

Luke's Lion Dream
Pastels, watercolor, Strathmore acid free paper
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