Artist: Kaja Renkas

The bizarre world of Kaja Renkas’ posters has little in common with the conscious world and much in common with a lucid dream-like state. Playful collages narrate the imprint of an imperfect memory wherein mismatched objects spill over, perceptions become disrupted, reality gets distorted, skin gives way to transparency, and all beings undergo fragmentation and metamorphosis. At the heart of her work, and holding the chaos together, is a sensual and reflective visual fiction of intrigue and mystery, inviting the viewer to voyeurism. We watch the exposed female form turning away, the masculine operating curious machinery, both sexes diverting themselves while being brought ever closer to the forbidden, to the erotic, and to that which is difficult to understand or to cure. The images are ones of confinement--boarders, archways, cages, and fashions hold the subjects captive, terminally on display. But their far-eastern ornamentation also suggests freedom, escape, and travel, themes that run deep in the Polish psyche as a younger generation frees itself from the struggles of a former Poland, only to find new challenges as Western values and culture emerge.

Kaja Renkas has been working as a professional artist since 2004. She makes graphics, posters, and paintings. She works at the University of Silesia, the Art Institut in Cieszyn, and the Silesia Higher School of Information Science in the Graphic Department where she teaches painting and design.

Renkas has participated in major international poster competitions in Warsaw, Bolivia, Tehran, Lahti, Toyama, and Moscow where she has won awards and honors. Her works are in private collections and museums around the world. She had several solo exhibitions in Poland and abroad and has participated in numerous group exhibitions throughout the world. Artist's website

26 1/2"x 38" posters $40.00 each

26 1/2"x 38" handprinted posters $175.00 each

All posters signed by the artist.