Artist: Emily Peters

Emily Peters s an artist living and working near Tower Grove Park. She Alumni of Maryland Institute College of art in Baltimore, MD. She Recently completed an Artist Residency at Millersville University in Lancaster, PA and has participated in workshops at Haystack Mountain School of Craft and Penland School of Craft. Her interest in the duality of ceramic and textiles and craft and art has lead her to see each side from many angles from working at Ceramic Art Centers to working at one of the last weaving mills in Philadelphia where she wove upholstery foe classic cars and felt for civil war re-enactors.

Layered in Pull (Spring 2010)
Ceramic and Dyed Knit

Permission (Spring 2014)
Hand Woven, Blue Velvet Hand Dyed with Indigo, Glazed ceramic, Found Objects

Haunted Spaces (Spring 2012)
Cast Ceramic, High Fire Wire, String, Wood

A Certain Space 1, 2, 3 (Spring 2012)
Colored clay, Hand Woven Hand Dyed with Turmeric, Clear Vinyl, Wood
$450 ea.

Wander/Wonder (Spring 2012) Colored Clay, Thread, Clear Vinyl

Terra Incognita 1, 2, 3 (Spring 2013) Ceramic Slip Casted Collage
$230 ea.

Restless and In-Between (Spring 2010)
Hand Dyed Cotton and Stoneware

A Playful Walk (Fall 2011)
Turmeric Dyed Cotton

Swayed Direction (Spring 2010)
Dyed Yarn, Knit, Crochet, Stoneware

Synchronicity (Spring 2014)
Hand Woven, Grazed ceramic, Found wood

The Big Picture (Spring 2010)
Found Yarn, Stoneware