Joy Lalita Wade

Capturing vivid images of real life in a realistic view with serenity, a mood that's elegantly orchestrated with strength, beauty, dignity and gentility of the complexities of the human form. You could call it a "Spiritual Humanitarian" that best describes this observer and interpreter that sweeps you away to places and people only her imagination can take you.

Joy Lalita Wade is a native St. Louisan who has been painting for over forty years. At a young age, she was fortunate to discover the ability to drawing and painting. This was a God-given talent from a strong Christian up-bringing and a richly diverse family who encouraged and inspired Joy throughout the years. A graduate from Saint Louis University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art and media design. The ability to incorporate techniques of old with new innovation allows her to fashion illustrations and her signature mixed media style that has a sense of color, light and depth and expand the parameters of the creative process.

"I find my inspiration from the vivid memories, experiences and my curiosity in people. As a child, I was fascinated with the work of Romare Bearden and the early 20th century of art and music, the civil rights movements, all of it was such a seduction for a child growing up in the sixties. These things touched me deeply and as my talent grew, I found myself naturally drawn to the imagery with a tremendous challenge as I started to record them in the drawing of my childhood and later as a professional illustrator. I have had many group and solo exhibitions in the Midwest and my work has been published in national and independent magazines.

My pieces portray the good and the bad, happy or sad elements of life and sometimes , the complex subject matters of the persecution of races, religions and the minority groups that are tackled with the utmost of sensitivity. To communicate the message of tolerance and understanding is imperative in my pieces.

My new series of paintings for Impressions & Expressions is based on the playing off an instrument, making music that can open up unexpected realms of healing for the pain of the suffering soul and trigger the flow of joy and hope. By concentrating primarily on the form, this important challenge to capture its emotion i color, rhythms and improvisational spirit... a healing with ecstasy over adversity and joy over suffering.

Vick (a man & his music)
Mixed media and Acrylic
34"x 44"

16"x 20"

Kid Banjo
Mixed Media and Acrylic
20"x 24"

Saxophone Players
Mixed Media and Acrylic
18"x 32"

Sleeping Musician
Mixed Media and Acrylic
24"x 30"

Market Musician
Mixed Media and Acrylic
29"x 40 "

Midnight Blues
Mixed Media and Collage
28"x 40"

Mango Rhythm
Mixed Media and Acrylic
15"x 18"

The Lemon Orchard
Mixed Media and Acrylic
15"x 18"

Ankle Bracelet
Mixed Media and Acrylic
15"x 18"