Cheese & Charcuterie
$7.5 for one choice, $13 for two, $18 for three, with garnishes.
Chef's selection board $26 Three cheeses, two meats, bread, with garnishes.

Tavern Fromage Blanc Wild Mushroom Pâté
House-made, Neufchatel-style fresh cow's milk cheese. A spreadable pâté of mushrooms.V

Fresh Mozzarella Duck Rillette
Mild, soft, Italian-style cheese from the Marcoot Jersey Creamery. Rich spread of slowly cooked, shredded duck.

Danish Blue Chorizo
Scandinavian-style, semi-soft blue cheese. Spanish-style, hard salame seasoned with paprika.

Sottocenere Finocchiona
A semi-soft Italian cheese with black truffles. A fine-grained salame flavored with toasted fennel seed, black pepper, garlic, and citrus zest.

St. André Manchego
A buttery, smooth, and mild triple-créme cheese. Hard, flavorful, Spanish cheese.
Thinly sliced, Italian-style, cured ham.

Mixed Nuts $5
Almonds, walnuts, and pecans, toasted with herbs and spices.

Marinated Olives $5
Mixed olives, citrus, fennel, chili flakes.V

Marinated White Beans $5
White beans, rosemary, lemon, sun-dried tomato, balsamic vinegar.V

Hummus $9
Chickpea purée, feta, pine nuts, with tabbouleh.V

Crispy Mushrooms $8
Local wild mushrooms, lemon, fresh herbs, garlic, parmesan.V

Patatas Bravas $8
Roasted potatoes, brava sauce, roasted garlic aioli.V

Mussels $10
Steamed in white wine, tomato, saffron.

Bocadillo $8
French baguette, manchego, proscuitto, red pepper relish.

Tuna Crudo $12
Cured tuna, citrus, fennel, avocado, soy caramel.

Watermelon Salad $9
Watermelon, tomato, feta, mint, basil, balsamic vinegar.V

Gazpacho Andaluz $8
Tomato, basil, charred corn.V

Pan Seared Chicken $16
Herb marinated chicken, sun dried tomato cous cous, pine nuts, salsa verde.

Monkfish $18
Roasted monkfish, mussels, potato, chickpeas, sofrito, chorizo broth.

Tortilla Espanole $12
Potato, egg, green romesco, mixed greens, sherry vinaigrette.V

Lamb Shank $24
Braised lamb shank, farro, olives, apricot, dukkah, lamb jus.

Tavern Burger II $16
Crispy shallots, bacon, harissa barbeque sauce, served with roasted fingerling potatoes.

Sundae of the Week $7/12
Please ask your server for this week's sundae.

Berry Pavlova $6
Cassis meringue, vanilla bean whipped cream, fresh berries.

Chocolate Torte $6
Dark chocolate ganache, short crust, hazel nut praline.

House-Made Ice Cream $5
Prepared in house in small batches. Follow us on Twitter for this week's flavor!