Bar Menu
Marinated Olives $5
A variety of Mediterranean olives flavored with citrus zest, fennel, and chili flakes.
Mixed Nuts $5
Almonds, walnuts, and pecans, toasted with herbs and spices.
Marinated White Beans $5
Beans flavored with rosemary, lemon, and balsamic vinegar, served cold with crostini.
House Pickles $5
Our chef's selection of house-made pickled vegetables.
Gougères $5
Cheese puffs served with truffle honey.
Hummus $8
Served with warm pita and garnished with olives, pine nuts, and eggplant roasted with ras-al-hanout.

Cheese & Charcuterie
$7.5 for one choice, $13 for two, $18 for three, with garnishes.
Chef's selection board $26
Three cheeses, two meats, bread, with garnishes.
Tavern Fromage Blanc Pâté de Campagne
House-made, Neufchatel-style fresh cow's milk cheese. A traditional French pâté with veal and pork, seasoned with thyme, nutmeg and paprika.
English White Cheddar Duck Rillette
Hard, sharp, traditional English cheese. Rich spread of slowly cooked, shredded duck.
Kentucky Rose 'Nduja
A farmhouse-style cheese with added cream and a hint of Roquefort. Firm and crumbly. Spicy, spreadable Calabrian salame.
Sottocenere Finocchiona
A semi-soft Italian cheese with black truffles. A fine-grained salame flavored with toasted fennel seed, black pepper, garlic, and citrus zest.
St. André
A buttery, smooth, and mild triple-créme cheese.

Kale Caesar Salad $7
Fresh kale, bonito Caesar, and breadcrumbs.
Bibb Salad $10
Bibb lettuce, Benton's bacon, cured egg, marinated tomatoes, with buttermilk ranch.
Salade d'Hiver $9
Roasted root vegetables, farro, goat cheese, pomegranate, with miso vinaigrette.
Butternut Squash Soup $6
Puréed butternut squash garnished with hazelnuts, sage, and pomegranate.V
Cauliflower Soup $6
Puréed cauliflower, flavored with bonito and topped with crème fraîche.
Poutine $9
Potato confit and house paneer cheese covered with tikka masala gravy.V

Mushroom Polenta $14
Miso-roasted wild mushrooms, Carolina Gold polenta, radicchio, fromage blanc.V
Bangers and Mash $16
House-made pork sausage, herbed potato purée, caramelized onion, with red wine reduction.
Fish and Chips $16
Pan-seared rainbow trout served on potato confit, with buttermilk dill sauce.
Chicken Pot Pie $14
Roasted chicken and seasonal vegetables under a puff pastry.
Tavern Burger $14
Topped with Benton's bacon, white cheddar, caramelized onions, arugula, and bourbon ketchup, served with potato confit.
Steamed Littleneck Clams $13
Clams steamed in 'nduja broth with butterbeans, corn, and fennel.

Pumpkin Bread Pudding Apple Crisp
With pepita brittle and garam masala ice cream. With vanilla bean ice cream.

S'mores House-Made Ice Cream
Chocolate, house-made graham crackers, and marshmallows. Prepared in house in small batches. Follow us on Twitter for this week's flavor!